Mobile key

Online check-in/ Mobile room Key

We are pleased to offer our guests the chance to check in on their mobile phones, download our mobile key app and go straight to there room with their phone.

How does it work?

3 days prior arrival – you will receive an email( check junk folder) where you can start the pre check-in process, at this stage we suggest you also download the mobile key apps.

IOS or the Android app.

Day of arrival – You will receive an email and a SMS enabling you to complete the online check-in and get access to setup and access you mobile room key.

Day of arrival – Once you have completed the above steps you will receive an SMS when your room is ready,  once room is ready you can go straight to your room with your mobile key.

Help & Support

For setup and instructions please follow

1 – You should have received a email/SMS  on the day of arrival.

2 – Within this email/SMS, there is a link labelled ” Voyager link ” – if you click on it it will open per below

Step 1 – You will need to either ” prepare for check-in “ and or you’ll see the button as ” Check -in” – if  pre check in is complete.

Once you have followed the steps in the check in screen, you will be able to access your mobile key.


Step 2 .  Click on ” Mobile Keys” – here you will need to follow the below:

You will need to enter a password for use in the app

 You will be prompted to download either the IOS or the Android app.

Once you open the mobile app , you will be asked to paste in a URL – this URL was emailed and sent to you via SMS on day of arrival.

(If you dont have this URL code you will need to call the hotel.


Once you paste the code into the app you will be able to proceed to your room and open your door.


If you are experiencing any issues please call the hotel on tel:(08) 8582 2688